Rabida Island

Rabida Island is situated south of the island Santiago. The landing site of this 5 sq km island is a dark red coral beach which is usually frequented by sea lions. You can swim and snorkel with them, and especially the pups are very curious. The salt bushes nearby are used by the brown pelican for nesting during the season.

A trail leads to a salt water lagoon, where you can occasionally encounter flamingos and white-cheeked pintails. It is also home to a sea lion bachelor colony that is waiting for their turn to take over a colony. Continuing further into the island, you come to the arid zone of the island where Palo Santo trees (Galapagos Bursa tree) grow. Rabida offers the most diversified volcanic rocks of the entire archipelago.
It is also a great snorkeling spot, where you can encounter a huge variety of bright tropic fish.