Comfort Cruises

Boats in the mid-range category, from Tourist Superior to First class, tend to be bigger, more spacious and more fancy than the adventure cruises. Yachts receiving a Comfort Cruise designation have air conditioning, comfortable double cabins with private facilities and hot water and moderately spacious social areas usually including a sun deck. These boats have a professional crew including a chef preparing good quality food and knowledgeable naturalist guides speaking good to very good English. Many yachts in this category offer ocean-view cabins and spacious suites. Although these boats can range in size, they are well designed, stable and fast.

Some of the islands are so far away from the central Islands Santa Cruz and San Cristobal that a cruise is the only possible way to visit them. To ensure you will enjoy the long crossing we recommend visiting these islands with one of the faster, more comfortable and stable boats, enabling you to visit a greater range of islands and thus see a much greater diversity of wildlife and landscapes. During the cruise you can enjoy friendly service and delicious meals, learn more about the unique nature of the islands from your guide and have a good night sleep in your comfortable cabin.

The Galápagos Islands provide a window on time. In a geologic sense, the islands are young, yet they appear ancient

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