Cruise Ships

There are a handful of small cruise ships in Galápagos, each carrying between 40 and 100 passengers. These ships are known for great stability and service, comfortable accommodations and superior food. Because they are larger than the others, they have ample public areas like bars and sun decks. The cruise ships all have air conditioning, ocean-view cabins, gift shops and other luxurious facilities. Cruise ships are best for those travelers who tend to get seasick, as there is considerably less motion as they cruise around the islands and often have doctors on board. There are multiple decks where you can always find a moment to watch the sunset and enjoy the solitude.

As huge cruise ships are not allowed in the Galapagos, these small cruise ships carrying up to 100 passengers are the largest ships cruising the Archipelago. Due to their size these ships are a good choice for families with small children because some offer adjoining cabins and because of the additional space on board where children and parents can mingle with other guests or entertain themselves during the crossing to the next excursion, for example by looking out for whales, dolphins or flying fish from the sun deck. These ships have efficient landing systems with multiple tenders to ferry guests to the trail or to snorkel in speed and comfort.